How can I order a print?

Hi there. Just go on the ”works+shop” tab above, make your selection of artworks and follow the procedure in  the payment page. For the moment, the prints are only available in Belgium. It is planned to extend that to other countries very soon.

How do you make your artworks?

My artworks are created digitally out of stock pictures. The prints are proposed on a mat A2 format paper (42x59cm for the rectangles and 42x42cm for the squares) and are ageing resistant.

How long does it take to deliver my prints?

The prints are only released on demand (there is no “stock”) and the digital files are cautiously reworked before being processed in the printing studio. The printing itself is programmed every Friday of the week. Because of these many steps, you should count 7 days before receiving your artworks :)


I have a request  //  I would like to commission a work.

I’d be pleased to hear from you. You can send me your request at​ - Bruxelles, Belgique   © 2019 -

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